♢ Prince of the tribe of the Emishi ♢
Q: Hi! I was just wondering if you were single? And... Who's your celebrity crush?

hi :-) yes i’m single and i think my crushes are not celebrities

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Q: Qu'est ce que tu étudies à la rentrée ? :)

je fais une licence design et arts appliqués à Bordeaux :-)

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Q: Hi this will probably seem like a very odd question (if it is feel free to ignore me aha) but you seem like a very interesting person! Why do you love crystals so much? Do you make art? :---)

hihi what makes you think I like crystals? But it’s true .. I like stones. Hmm I don’t know, I collect them since I was 9 years old, my rear-grandfather had given me his collection he kept in a glass case before dying. In this collection there were mostly large stones like aventurine or gypsum, and there were fossils. Since I try to buy them when I see them in charity shops. You can see what i do on my instagram. Thanks for your question ;~))

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Q: How old are you if I may ask? Are you French?

I’m 18 soon 19. And yes I am French :——)

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i like horror films. they’re a guilty pleasure. i like to feel scared. i also find it very amusing watching people jump so i often end up laughing a lot.

Q: I love your style!

haha thank youu !!!! :—))

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Q: Love your quotes !

Thank you ! :—)

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Q: you're such a beautiful being!

oooh merci Katia :) <3 J’attend que tu me racontes tes histoires en retard hein !!

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